Fashion Illustration

My final project during my second year at university saw me experiment a lot more with fashion drawing. I really enjoyed creating exciting representations of menswear outfits to compliment my fabric samples.

The Fashion & Textile Museum

Looking back through some old photographs, I found pictures from my last visit to the Fashion & Textile Museum in London and the surrounding area in Bermondsey. It’s such a colourful, fun building. The photographs reminded me of some knit samples I made back in first year, so I thought I’d collate them here.

Menswear Swatches – Next Live Project

This term (term 2) focused on a live project brief set by Next. Within a small group, I created a collection of knitted swatches within a larger collection created by combining all group members’ work. Designing for AW 16/17, we focused on a calm, neutral collection inspired by Scandinavian winters and stormy elements. Here are…

final sample development

The above image is a final sample from my A/W 16/17 project for womens knitwear – eccentric colour combinations and textures with a long fringe. My focus was to be experimental with technique and create a playful quality to represent the energy of my ideas and theme. I used racking while laying in yarns to…

zig zags

Some work from my first project this term. Designing for A/W 16/17: I’m so in love with experimenting with colour combinations in zig zag patterns. I wanted to create a sense of fun and playfulness. A visit to Nottingham Goose Fair provided me with some inspiration for this colour combination. A few layed in silver yarns…

colourful fairisle repeat

After a lot of experimenting in CAD, I came up with this mirrored pattern as a modern and brightly coloured take on fairisle.